Animal Keeper in training, Team.

About me.

At the age of 11, I became hooked on turtles for the first time ever.

I cannot even remember how it happened, but I decided that I really wanted to take care of one myself. For months, I saved all my pocket money to build an outdoor enclosure for a Mediterranean Tortoise. And then for the first time, I contacted Peter Praschag.

He immediately invited my mother and me for a tour through his turtle paradise.  How impressed I was to see these completely unknown and endangered species; I shall never forget it!

Peter gave me important advice and insight regarding turtle care and helped me choose an animal that was appropriate for our environment. I was overjoyed and knew that this was the beginning of a love affair with these creatures that I would follow into the future.


I am currently in training as a Zoo Keeper at Turtle Island and could not be happier. I now have the privilege of caring for these wonderful animals every day!

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