Gregory GEORGE

Advisory Board

About me.

After a career as a zoo and aquarium Herpetologist and a lifelong field study of reptiles and amphibians, Gregory George established Gregory George Designs, LLC.

Gregory George Designs, LLC. specializes in the design and fabrication of naturalistic habitats for amphibians, reptiles, fish and small mammals.

Greg’s main objective is to offer the public a unique perspective into the natural history of the animals portrayed and their relationship with their environments.

Using his field experience as a guide, accurate geological formations, sedimentation, artifacts and natural plantings are created to demonstrate the window to this world, providing a valuable educational experience for the visitor.


In working closely with architects, directors and animal keepers throughout the design process, every consideration is given to animal health, maintenance and function in producing a successful exhibit.

Greg George’s 30 years of experience as herpetologist, naturalist and conservationist, including 15 years as a zookeeper working primarily with reptiles, amphibians and fish, provide a singular perspective to the art of exhibit design and fabrication

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