Turtle Island is now a Zoo.

Aktualisiert: 6. Jan 2020


For the moment all of our turtles are housed in three sites in Graz. One of our facilities is a Category A Zoo, although the zoo is not unrestrictedly open to the public.

By appointment, however, we are happy to guide specially interested persons / groups through our facility. If you are interested in a guided tour please contact r.praschag@gmail.com.

The two other locations are strictly private facilities and unfortunately neither is accessible to the public. One of our temporary holding facilities, a detached family house on the outskirts of Graz, has been generously provided by the Mayor’s Office. In addition, we are renting a greenhouse to maintain about 400 turtles.

This dispersal of our animal stock causes major logistic challenges. However, even with these limited and restricted resources we are caring for 190 turtle species and subspecies. Even though the conditions are less than optimal for the turtles, we are already notching up some great successes. Despite the difficulties we have been able to successfully breed species that are on the edge of extinction. We have also achieved world firsts by breeding species that have never before been bred in captivity. For the benefit of all of our turtles we are now in the final stages of planning for the construction of a modern facility that will showcase our collection. As well as being invaluable for future research, Turtle Island will become a unique attraction for both local visitors and international tourists who come to Austria’s beautiful province of Styria. We are still in the process of trying to finalise funding options so we can commence work on this project.


Here we proudly present the details of our project that have been refined over many years. Our aim is to combine a breeding centre for the conservation of turtles along with a modern attraction for visitors so that we can create a global and unique focal point for turtles, for turtle experts and for turtle lovers everywhere.

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