Satellite transmitters should help us to understand the Northern River Terrapin

We released two Batagur baska males affixed with satellite transmitters into the largest river delta in the world, the mangroves of the Sundarbans. The signals will help us to learn about the unknown biology and ecology of the species and to establish the correct strategy for their conservation.

In December 2016, we attached satellite transmitters onto the carapace (shell) of two adult Batagur baska males. In collaboration with the Bangladesh Forest Department and Prokriti O Jibon (Nature and Life) Foundation, we recently released them into a river in the Sundarbans National Park. Both transmitters deliver signals on a regular basis. This data will help us to understand the biology of these critically endangered terrapins. We are curious whether the two males will travel south to the sea or swim further upstream; will they spend more time in small tributaries or in the main river channels. This data will be crucial to determine a future reintroduction protocol of captive-bred offspring.

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