First turtles moving into new greenhouse

Over 100 aquariums and 12 extra large stock tanks are prepared in the greenhouse we have started to hire. This allowed us to cope with a sudden and unexpected arrival of over 300 turtles at Turtle Island. Thanks to everyone who helped in our crowdfunding campaign we could rise to this challenge.

The crowd funding campaign allowed us to rent about 300 m² (3230 sq ft) of space in a greenhouse to provide roomy new accommodations for some of our turtles. The first aquatic turtles have already been moved to this new location and we are currently finishing the tortoise enclosures.

Due to the continuing breeding successes and because we had been bequeathed nearly 300 turtles in an inheritance, we needed more space for the turtles and tortoises. We found a greenhouse at a very close distance where we could rent the extra 300 m² (3230 sq ft) of space and furnish it with all the necessary items.

We have 12 large filtered pools and about 100 aquariums and vivariums. That way we could start housing the first aquatic species. We are still giving our all to finish the tortoise enclosures and hope to complete the work for this in two weeks time.

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