First ever Crowned River Turtle hatchling!

You have to almost kill them 3 times! Well at least it seems that way. We are so pleased to announce our first ever Hardella thurjii (Crowned River Turtle) hatchling! This is not an easy process and a scary one, which is why it feels like you have to kill them 3 times before they will hatch. First, you have to drown the eggs in water. Next, they go into the refrigerator and cooled to less than 10C (50F). Lastly, they are placed in a very high humidity box and in the incubator. Each of these stages would definitely kill other turtle eggs. And this entire process took a total of 11 months!

The Prague Zoo has the honor of the first ever hatching of this species in 2012. Turtle Island is only the second institution worldwide with a successful hatching. We acquired our parental stock from a meat market in Bangladesh. The price per kilogram is locally more expensive than that of any other turtle species. It is the most wanted turtle to be slaughtered at the annual Kali Festival in India and Bangladesh.

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