First breeding successes of the Big-Headed Amazon River Turtle

Last October the National Aquarium in Baltimore, USA succeeded in the first breeding of this rarely kept turtle species from the South American river systems of the Amazon and Orinoco. Four juveniles hatched after 100 days of incubation. Just three months later, the first European breeding success can be claimed in Turtle Island.

Ingo and Waltraud Pauler placed three pairs of these very large-headed and intraspecific aggressive river turtles in Turtle Island on a breeding loan. One of the three females deposited 12 eggs in October 2014, from which the first hatchling emerged after an incubation period of 105 days at 30 ° C. A cooler incubation of 29 ° C has delayed the hatching of the remaining eggs for a week. Almost all juveniles hatched with a large yolk sack and remain in the incubator until it is completely absorbed. From the 11 fertilized eggs 9 juveniles have hatched so far and are all appear to be active and healthy.

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