First Amboina box turtle hatchling!

After a settling in period of three years for the parent animals, the first Amboina box turtle has now hatched at the Turtle Island breeding center. This species is on the brink of extinction.

The indian subspecies of the Amboina Box turtle (Cuora amboinensis) has bright orange markings and is a very active type of turtle. This makes it the ideal poster child of this almost extinct turtle species. Now the first offspring has hatched at Turtle Island.

Cuora amboinensis is an umbrella term for a few little-understood taxa that are quite distinct in terms of appearance and genetic make-up. The subspecies found in India, Bhutan and Bangladesh has vivid orange markings on its head and strong colour markings on its soft parts.

After a settling in period of three years, the first baby has now hatched. The first nest only consisted of one egg. Three weeks later the female laid another three eggs into the sand. Immediately after hatching the animals have a light yellow colouration that later darkens into orange.

We can only sustain successes like this with your support. We want to ask your help to continue rescuing species from the brink of extinction.

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