Batagur Clutch

The largest known specimen of one of the most critically endangered animal species on the planet laid 31 eggs for the first time at Turtle Island in Graz, Austria! 36 hours later at least 24 eggs show evidence of development and successful fertility.

The Northern River Terrapin (Batagur baska) is listed in the IUCN/ZSL (International Union for Conservation of Nature/Zoological Society of London) book entitled “Priceless or Worthless? The world’s most threatened species” which evaluated all animals, plants and fungi. Our female is not only the biggest known specimen of its’ kind but in addition she has an unusual beautiful light coloring so that all of the Turtle Island staff call her “The Queen”. To date this is the most amount of eggs per clutch ever recorded for this species! Each egg is larger than an average chicken egg. We have 2 months to anxiously await for hatching. We will keep you updated!

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