All 11 fertile eggs of the Big-headed Amazon Turtle have hatched.

A group of the rarely kept Big-headed Amazon Turtles were provided by Waltraud and Ingo Pauler as a breeding loan. Two of the three females produced a clutch in October 2014. From the first clutch, 11 of the 12 eggs were fertile.

At an incubation temperature of 29 ° C and 30 ° C, the juveniles hatched after 96 to 126 days. Almost all of the hatchlings emerged with more than a pea-sized yolk sac on the surface of the substrate and spent a few days after hatching in an incubator. Because of their intraspecific aggression all hatchlings are reared individually. The older hatchlings already started to feed on red worms and fish. From the second, later produced clutch, only one egg appears to be fertile.

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