24 fertile eggs of our Northern River Terrapin, a new record!

Even earlier than last year, our Batagur baska female laid a clutch of 26 eggs at Turtle Island in Graz. 24 of these are developing and already show blood vessels when candled. In about 5 weeks the juveniles should emerge and will be an important contribution to the survival of one of the most endangered animal species of the planet.

The Northern River Terrapin (Batagur baska) was selected by the Zoological Society London (ZSL) und The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) to be one of the 100 most endangered animal, plant and fungi species in the world. Our 24 developing eggs give hope to be a significant contribution to the long-term survival of the species. The eggs are as large as chicken eggs only slightly narrower. Last year we hatched 10 offspring and we are optimistic for even more success year. We will keep you posted.

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