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With our sponsorships you specifically help a particularly threatened species. You support the respective breeding project and especially an animal from this group.


Each sponsorship has a one-year term and can be extended upon request.


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Our sponsorships at a glance.


The "Chelodina mccordi".

McCord's Snake Necked Turtle.

$ 180,-

Period: 1 year.

Our sponsorships in detail.

European tortoise - Testudo hermanni - 0

"Testudo sp.".

The European tortoise (Testudo sp.).

The "Mediterranean turtle" is a popular pet in Central Europe to keep in the garden. However, some species are now highly endangered!


We have breeding groups of particularly endangered species, some of which are even extinct in the wild. In Turtle Island we have 15 very rare "Testudo hermanni hermanni" and 7 "Testudo greaca terrestris", which are unfortunately already extinct in the wild.


The non-endangered species find a temporary home in the Turtle Island animal shelter and - after sufficient observation time - are given a new and happy home.


"Chelodina mccordi".

The McCord's Snake Neck Turtle (Chelodina mccordi).

This particular turtle only existed on a single island in Indonesia and is now extinct in the wild.


Therefore our breeding group is of the utmost importance for the survival of this species. At Turtle Island we have a female who has lived in Europe for over 40 years and originally comes from Indonesia.


Altogether there are 2 males, 3 females and 30 offspring in Turtle Island. In cooperation with other international zoos, we are working on the reintroduction into the wild.

McCords Schlangenhals - 02-min.png
Batagur baska - 04 - Schlüpfling.jpg

"Batagur baska".

The Northern River Terrapin (Batagur baska).

The northern Batagur river turtle is one of the three rarest species of turtle in the world today. There are probably no more than 13 reproductive females in the world today.


After almost three years of work, we found the first three Batagur turtles in Bangladesh in 2009. In May 2010, two young hatched - the world's first offspring of the northern Batagur river turtle.


These 3 adults and 34 offspring are currently living in Turtle Island. Now Turtle Island is working in cooperation with other renowned partners on the reintroduction into the wild.


Together we can meet this great challenge.

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