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Goals, Vision and how we want to achieve those.

A glimpse into our global activities.

Your support saves endangered species from extinction.

What is Turtle Island?


  • A breeding center for endangered turtle species.

  • A certified scientific institute (AT033) and research lab with a focus on preserving and breeding turtles.

  • A rescue center for confiscated turtles and unwanted pet turtles.

  • An officially recognised animal shelter for all species of freshwater turtles and tortoises.

  • A  Category A Zoo.

Together with our global network of partners and supporters we are helping to rescue the most threatened group of vertebrates on our planet – turtles.

52% of turtle species have either already gone extinct or are on the brink of extinction.

10 turtle (sub)species have gone extinct in recent years.

For turtle species with very few remaining individuals, breeding groups in captivity are the only chance to preserve the species for posterity. We have started many projects to work towards our mission of saving these critically endangered species. For example, we have already achieved the following:

  • We maintain over 160 turtle species across 3 different locations for breeding and species preservation
    We support 11 of the 25 most endangered turtle species. Of the 160 species we maintain, about 27 are also in the Top 50 most threatened turtle species.

  • We have successfully hatched the first offspring in captivity for some of the most critically endangered turtle species.

  • We have the only known captive breeding groups for a number of endangered species.

  • We have gained important scientific insights, which will further enable the successful breeding and conservation of these endangered species.

"Around the world, we find species that are endangered in their natural habitat with few remaining individuals. Captive breeding programs are their only chance for survival.

Without this intervention, many of these fantastic species would have already become extinct."

Mag. Dr. Peter Praschag

Founder of Turtle Island

Current Projects.

The Nubian flapshell turtle

Africa’s rarest turtle is an enigma.


The last known individual in captivity died in 2009 in the US, and no turtles had been spotted in the wild for the last 25 years.

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Together we can preserve endangered species for future generations and ensure their continued survival. 



Project to preserve the most endangered vertebrates on our planet.

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Phone: +43 680 211 50 82