Batagur baska: 24 hatchlings emerge out of 28 eggs, new record!

After our female nested in a huge concrete tank filled with sand, we changed our protocol and incubated all eggs in natural river sand.

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Turtle Island establishes nesting beaches for the Critically Endangered Temple Softshell Turtle (Nilssonia nigricans)

The Temple or Black Softshell Turtle is still listed as extinct in the wild. In 1999, we discovered the first proof worldwide of this charismatic species occurring in nature. Now we have created a large nesting beach in Nagshankar, Assam, and thus greatly improved the reproductive options for this endangered species.

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Turtle Island gives 45 confiscated Marginated Tortoises a new home

Almost 700 turtles and tortoises were confiscated while attempting to be smuggled across the border from Bosnia into Croatia last November. When they were rescued they were found packed in bags like coal and likely on their way to Italy. They were immediately brought to a rescue center in Croatia and since distributed to zoological institutions in Croatia, Italy, Spain and Austria.

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A record of 118 hatchlings of the Northern River Terrapin in Bangladesh

We had unparalleled success in the 2017 breading season with 118 hatchlings of the Critically Endangered Northern River Terrapin (Batagur baska)! We were able to obtain this record number of offspring from 5 of our 8 females that are located in our two breeding stations in Bangladesh. We are pleased to report that all of the hatchlings are healthy and are growing rapidly.

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Our first two South American snake-necked turtles of the genus Acanthochelys hatched at Turtle Island!

All four species of the genus Acanthochelys are not difficult to keep, but it is a challenge to breed them. The eggs require a long, cool phase as a stimulus for development. The hatching of the fully developed embryos is problematic as well …

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Satellite transmitters should help us to understand the biology and ecology of the critically endangered Northern River Terrapin (Batagur baska).

We released two Batagur baska males affixed with satellite transmitters into the largest river delta in the world, the mangroves of the Sundarbans. The signals will help us to learn about the unknown biology and ecology of the species and to establish the correct strategy for their conservation …

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24 fertile eggs of our Northern River Terrapin, a new record!

Even earlier than last year, our Batagur baska female laid a clutch of 26 eggs at Turtle Island in Graz. 24 of these are developing and already show blood vessels when candled. In about 5 weeks the juveniles should emerge and will be an important contribution to the survival of one of the most endangered animal species of the planet …

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ORF Universum about Turtle Hero

On the 22th of November 2016 at ORF UNIVERSUM (with subtitle):
“Turtle Hero – Ein Leben für die Schildkröten”

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First step to return home to Vietnam!

Today Turtle Island, in collaboration with Herbert Becker, a German turtle expert, sent 21 juvenile Vietnamese Pond Turtles (Mauremys annamensis) to the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan.

Vietnamese Pond turtles are thought to be extirpated from their home range in central Vietnam. Even if there are a few wild specimens remaining, only a substantial repatriation of captive bred specimens can re-establish the wild population.

Taipei Zoo is a partner in this captive breeding and repatriation program for one of the rarest turtle species on the planet.

Herbert Becker (www.clemmys.de), a well-known private breeder of many rare turtle and tortoise species and a Turtle Island Team Member, generously donated his 21 captive bred juveniles to the program.

With the help of our resident Elongated tortoise (Indotestudo elongata), Kiran Praschag can be seen performing their final health exam before they begin their long journey.

Turtle Island gives our appreciation to the Taipei Zoo for their work ahead and Herbert and Regina Becker for their continuing effort to contribute to important conservation programs.

To donate to the plight of turtles worldwide please go to http://www.turtle-island.at/en/donate/.


First ever Hardella thurjii (Crowned River Turtle) hatchling!

You have to almost kill them 3 times! Well at least it seems that way. We are so pleased to announce our first ever Hardella thurjii (Crowned River Turtle) hatchling! This is not an easy process and a scary one, which is why it feels like you have to kill them 3 times before they will hatch. First, you have to drown the eggs in water. Next, they go into the refrigerator and cooled to less than 10C (50F). Lastly, they are placed in a very high humidity box and in the incubator. Each of these stages would definitely kill other turtle eggs. And this entire process took a total of 11 months!

The Prague Zoo has the honor of the first ever hatching of this species in 2012. Turtle Island is only the second institution worldwide with a successful hatching. We acquired our parental stock from a meat market in Bangladesh. The price per kilogram is locally more expensive than that of any other turtle species. It is the most wanted turtle to be slaughtered at the annual Kali Festival in India and Bangladesh.

To learn more about Kali Festival and South East Asian turtle markets read: TURTLE TRADE AT SOUTH EAST ASIAN MARKETS