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March 2016

The world’s first breeding success

of the Indian Eyed Turtle

We all live on a Turtle Island. Kalmyks and Mongols tell of a turtle carrying the world, and the Hindus know that their God Vishnu became in his second incarnation Kurma, a turtle that swam in the sea of milk and carried the world on his back. In New Guinea, the story is told that this island owes its existence to a hardworking turtle that dove into the depths of the primordial ocean and brought back rocks, sand and all ingredients necessary to create an island.

The continent, which we now call North America, was created in a similar way, according to the Ojibway, the Anishabe, the Iroquois, Haudenosaunee, Apache, the Cherokee, the Wyandotte, the Wampanoog, the Lenape, the Maidu, the Patwin of California and many other North American tribes, like to call their land turtle island.

Everything that lives; everything that moves on feet, fins, or wings; and everything that breathes with lungs, gills or through the skin lives on a Turtle Island. Life on the island is defined by what lives on the island. To paraphrase Marcel Robischon: Vom Verstummen der Welt (From the Silence of the World), every walk of life is a walk across the green back of a turtle, which when translated means that the world is becoming more silent as biodiversity disappears.

Marcel Robischon: From the Silence of the World

Welcome to Turtle Island

The Zoo.

Support us in our zoo project: Currently 125 turtle species are maintained in the private collection of the family Praschag. In near future we plan to establish Turtle Island – a modern and attractive animal exhibit linked with landscape design, creative arts, research, education and recreation.


In our Zoo in Graz we round up assurance colonies of threatened, almost extinct, species. We do our best to reintroduce captive bred specimens into their natural habitat. A real challenge!


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Zoo and Conservation Breeding Center

Turtle Island combines a scientifically operated conservation breeding station with attractive, modern exhibits of living animals, combining …

  • landscape design,
  • creative arts,
  • research,
  • education and
  • recreation.



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Insight to our projects worldwide

Turtles are the most threatened vertebrate group with 57% either extinct or threatened with extinction, followed by the amphibians with 40% of their total species considered endangered.

A goal of Turtle Island is to expand our already existing network in cooperation with other ex-situ institutions at home and abroad, and further relations and support for in-situ projects.


Mag. Dr. Peter Praschag

Our project is an ex-situ (outside their natural habitat) protection measure for highly endangered species. For species with very few survivors, a managed breeding program with expert human care is the only way to preserve the species for the future.

Mag. Dr. Peter PraschagFounder of Turtle Island
DI Dr. Reiner Praschag

In over 40 years, he has built up one of the world’s largest and most important turtle collections with over 100 species in Graz, and is supported by his son Peter. Many species in their collection are threatened today and are important assurance colonies for their long-term survival.

DI Dr. Reiner PraschagFounder of Turtle Island
Dr. Dagmar Schratter

The promotion of the idea of conservation, creation of a higher nature, environmental awareness, active participation and accomplishment of nature and wildlife conservation projects are today a central concern of zoos.

Dr. Dagmar SchratterDirector of the Vienna Zoo
Prof. Dr. Helmut Pechlaner

The present project is fascinating and deserves support from all. It provides a unique attraction for the citizens and guests of the city of Graz …

Prof. Dr. Helmut PechlanerHonorary President of WWF, Austria

THANK YOU to our partners …